Washing Your Vintage Clothes - according to your trusted vintage wholesaler

Discover the eco-friendly approach to caring for your vintage wholesale treasures. Less washing means preserving delicate fibers, saving energy, and reducing environmental impact. Did you know that a quarter of the carbon footprint in the garment industry comes from washing and drying clothes? It’s easy to minimize this by following a few simple steps.

Spot clean or brush your vintage wholesale garments to remove stains and debris. Opt for air drying between wears, and consider giving them a quick steam to refresh. Always hand-wash pre-1960s vintage items, and if the fabric is delicate, refrain from washing altogether!

Protect intricate fabrics like embroidered silks and satins by avoiding washing altogether. When dry cleaning, choose eco-friendly options to preserve the integrity of your vintage wholesale collection.

When washing your vintage wholesale garments, opt for lower temperatures, such as 30 degrees Celsius, to preserve delicate fabrics and colors. Consider using specific additives designed to be effective even at lower temperatures, ensuring optimal care for your treasured pieces. By adopting these gentle washing practices, you can extend the longevity of your vintage wholesale collection while minimizing environmental impact.

Maintaining Your Vintage Wholesale Collection:

Repair is key! From minor rips to larger holes, promptly mend any issues to prevent further damage. Seek assistance from local tailors or utilize convenient apps like Sojo for quick fixes.

Keep zippers smooth and functional by lubricating them with graphite pencil, vaseline, or zipper lube, especially for older metal zippers.

Storing Your Vintage Wholesale Collection:

Preserve your vintage wholesale pieces in a dry, dust-free environment away from direct sunlight. Humidity and sunlight can harm delicate fibers and fade colors and prints.

Opt for breathable storage options and avoid plastic covers. Use wooden or cloth-covered padded hangers to prevent rust stains or stretch marks.

Recycling Your Vintage Wholesale Collection:

Extend the life of your vintage wholesale items through our Beyond Retro Exchange program. Resell pieces to reduce fashion waste and contribute to sustainable fashion practices.

Get creative with redesign or upcycling projects to give your vintage wholesale pieces a fresh new look.

Consider swapping preloved items with friends or family, or explore selling options like car-boot sales, Depop, or eBay.

Donate unwanted pieces to charity shops or recycling organizations to give them a chance at a new life or be recycled into something new.

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